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Workers Educational Association (WEA).

Online course bookings up by an impressive 200%

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) was established in 1903 by Albert Mansbridge. Its founding mission was to provide educational opportunities to adults facing social and economic disadvantage. Over a century later, it is still the UK’s largest provider of adult education, delivering nearly 10,000 part-time courses for adults across England and Scotland.

The WEA’s central mission remains the same, but you don’t stick around 110 years without adapting to the times. They presented us with a significant and all-embracing challenge: build us a totally new website, web-enable a database containing 3,000 courses, and provide our 75,000 students with an online booking facility.

Online course referrals have risen by 200% since the website was launched in 2010, a game-changing increase for the WEA. But the changes don’t stop there.

We have added an online donations application, Membership extranet, Google mapping and postcode search technology. Venerable institution or not, the WEA now boasts one of the most modern online resources for adult education in Europe. As part of the longer term strategy, we are now building their new intranet – a project which will make a huge impact on the WEA’s ability to manage and deliver their services.

As a registered charity, the Workers’ Educational Association manages its resources with extreme care. Reuben’s reputation as a responsible and ethical organization that delivers great service at competitive rates was a key factor when the WEA chose to work with us.

We pride ourselves on being a progressive and innovative team of people who wholeheartedly embrace the WEA’s motto, ‘learning for life’.  We are proud to embark on a journey with this special charity and the tens of thousands of adult learners it helps each and every year.

Key project disciplines: Design, Build, ASP.NET, Video, Content Management, Forums, Blogging, Extranet, Social Media, Hosting Infrastructure, Strategic advice.

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Workers Educational Association (WEA)