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National Book Tokens - Mobile Site.

Over 60% of mobile phone users would leave a website that is not optimized for mobile use.

Working closely with National Book Tokens, Reuben Digital has created a mobile-specific website that makes it easy for book lovers to access all the information they need, wherever they are.

Creating a mobile-specific site involves designing a layout and contents based on the size of the device. When a user is browsing from a mobile phone they don’t have a big screen to play with. They might be able to zoom out so the entire website can be seen, but merely shrinking the text will hardly give your customers a great experience … what is that tiny link at the bottom of the screen?!

By adapting the original design, shifting things around, making some things bigger and reducing the number of columns, we’ve made sure that users of the National Book Tokens mobile site will never have that problem.

Last year, Google conducted a survey on what people wanted from mobile sites. Users want to be on a website in seconds and once there, they want touch screen navigation, sliders and scrolling functions  - they want to see large buttons and readable text.

The National Book Tokens mobile site passes with flying colours on the top 3 wishes from the Google survey – the search bar is easy to find and easy to use (78% of respondents), more information is just one or two clicks away (78%), and it fits perfectly into the small screen (76%).

It is also important to adapt the content for on the road use. Practical information is paramount – where’s the nearest bookshop and what time do they open? A key feature of the National Book Tokens mobile site is the ‘Find stockists near me’ function, which using mobile phone geo-location tools allows users to locate shops and even ‘drop them in’ on Google maps.

Mobile browsing is the future and 61% of mobile users said they would leave a site that is not optimized for mobile use. Why not talk to us about adapting your website to the revolution?

Key project disciplines: Design, Build, Mobile Platform Exploitation, GPS Geo-searching, Google Mapping, Jquery Mobile.

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National Book Tokens - Mobile Site