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Book Sellers Association - IndieBound.

An interactive website encouraging book lovers to visit their local stores.

Independent bookshops have long been at the heart of their communities, but as the retail landscape changes in ways that can undermine even the most established indie, these revered booksellers need to find new channels to reach their customers.

With that goal in mind, the Booksellers Association has launched - a website designed to bring consumers through the doors of independent bookshops via book recommendations and a host of interactive functions. 

Designed and developed by Reuben Digital, the IndieBound website is an interactive goldmine of information for book-loving consumers, but its primary function is as a booksellers’ tool.

Booksellers can upload their own book reviews to the IndieBound database at a click. The site also boasts a widget which shops can embed in their own websites, meaning reviews and comments can be shared ‘live’ and ultimately, entice customers to the shops themselves. To this end, the site features a search function so that users can find their local independent bookseller in an instant.

All the book reviews on IndieBound are submitted by genuine readers and booksellers, a welcome antidote to the algorithms and chart-led recommendations used by retail giants. Users can even click through to a Facebook page where local booksellers – yes, real people! - will provide personalised book recommendations.

Launched in November 2012, this dynamic site has already proved to be a massive support mechanism for independent booksellers. Over time, the site will incorporate even more bookshops, more information and more functional applications.

Anything that gets customers back into independent bookshops – including Reuben’s local book emporium, The Lighthouse in Highworth – deserves our support.

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